There are so many wonderful moments that take place during a wedding day and even though the day will go by in a flash. Your eight-hour wedding could fly by in a flurry of activity, people, emotion and excitement. So just a few words : « Relax. Take a deep breath. Everything will be fine. » Let go of.  And enjoy.

      MY STORY

      Hola ! I’m René, a french photographer based in Barcelona.  At my thirties crisis, I decided to be a photographer after spending years of training in a business school and working for a design packaging agency. How come ? For my christmas holidays, I decided to return to Datong, a coal mining city visited during my chinese studies in Beijing.  As a freshman in photojournalism, I did not prepare anything, so when I got off at Datong’s train station, I wasn’t prepared for the -30° celsius in winter. I have no story in mind, I was completely lost. But I just bought warm thermolactyl underwear!

      After years of experience in photography, I truly recognize the importance of the story and moreover the storytelling. I am an hybrid photographer.  My “coal mining stuff”was projected during the evenings at Visa pour l’Image, a photojournalism festival in Perpignan. I took the plunge and I started photojournalism, producing stories in China and sell them to magazines. Then, I was able to be a corporate photographer, with this documentary style. Now, I am fond of architecture and decoration. During all these « training-working years in photography », I never stop shooting weddings. I am not really a wedding photographer but I know how to tell a story -a story wedding with a coherent creative sensibility. I hope I make yours someday.

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