Quadrat Barcelona wedding photographer Story : SARI and XAVIER

      For lovers of nature, the countryside and vineyards getting married in a catalan farm house – or called « masia » or « mas », is just a simply spectacular wedding. A one-of-a-kind experience that I share with Sari and Xavier. Being their Barcelona wedding photographer was an honor for… three days. 

      Friday’s Beach Party

      First, the rehearsal dinner, or a pre-wedding party at the beach, a good way for families and friends to learn to know each other better! And the wedding photographer as well! Everyone could warm up before the wedding. We had a kind of a bridal shower, the bride (and most of the guests) got a midnight bath with her cocktail dress – a wonderful and relaxing pre-wedding photoshoot under moonlight !

      One of those best moments for a wedding photographer

      When I start the next day with the bride preparation, atmosphere was more solemn. Being a Barcelona wedding photographer is always a privilege during those intimate instants. I love capturing the details and beauty, the little stress photo session is a good opportunity for the photographer to make great pictures and witness these moments to the groom! I called them the « hidden and secret instants of the wedding ».

      Follow the flow of energy

      Sari and Xavier got married at the Elne Cathedral, in South of France, near Perpignan. The bride arrival with her father was epic ! We didn’t have time for a bridal session, fortunately everything was fine at the very last minutes ! We had a wonderful ceremony and a a very photogenic church exit, a bubble’s shower with Sari’s incredible laugh! The couple photo session was in reality the bride-groom-best-men-bridesmaids-photo-session ! A improvising and theatrical session in the Elne cathedral cloister…. Finally we arrived at the catalan farm house, Domaine Saint Nicolas in Ponteilla. The guests were under a stormy sky for the photos ! Great ambient during the all night.

      On sunday, I have the pleasure to see everyone at the family and friends Brunch, and I keep on doing my « job », the Barcelona wedding photographer ! Personally, my favorite weddings are those in which I really get to know the guests and spend time soaking it all in! Thank you Sari and Xavier!


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