Black + White Wedding Photography

      I start photography with black and white film when I was 16 years old, I have long been a fan of ILFORD HP5 then I discovered the magnificent grain of the Kodak Black and White film TRI-X 400. I always think there is a special mystique to Black and White wedding photography.

      Trendy black and white photography ?

      Despite the common perception, black and white wedding photography is one of the best ways to illustrate the event. Many people see black and white photography as a step back, but in fact, it is quite the opposite. I use them in my wedding storytelling, black and white wedding photography has the potential to feel more emotional, showing appeal through story and emotional affiliation over visual. But color photography is more important in my wedding coverage, don’t forget to see my colorful portfolio.

      Ageless and timeless photography

      Some people said that black and white wedding photography can also be used to make the event look classier, I would rather say timeless. In my bio, I remembered about my first photo documentary in black and white when I started photojournalism. It was about coal mining cities in China and when you see them, it could take place in the 60’s.

      Color + black and white = good for the storytelling

      I used to say that my wedding photography style or philosophy is a blend of photojournalism (black and white is seen as an emotional form of taking photos, the more in-depth and artistic feeling behind the photographer) and a fine-art portraiture, the use of color palette to emphasis the vanishing precious moments, those two « medium » are important for me. That’s the way I see wedding photography.


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